Who is Skydive Mt. Whitney?

Skydive Mt. Whitney is the sister company to Skydive Yosemite.  We have been in operation for 6 years with a perfect safety record and have performed over 11,000 tandem jumps.  All of our instructors are USPA (uspa.org) Tandem Instructors and have thousands of skydives.  Our equipment is all new and kept in excellent condition.  All of our aircraft have regularly scheduled maintenance and are kept clean and in perfect operating condition.  Safety is our #1 priority.

Paul and Julia are the owners and have been skydiving since 2009.  Julia is a FAA Master Rigger with over 100 skydives.  Paul has over 9,000 skydives.  Both Paul and Julia love the Sierra Nevada range and have opened skydiving operations on both sides of the Sierra Nevada to share a wonderful experience to tandem students and experienced skydivers.

Come jump with us to have a unique, beautiful, safe skydiving experience in a stellar location!!!